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Swavesey and District

 History Society

Swavesey and District History Society

Publications for sale

Elsworth & Knapwell Chronicle   £4.00    

       Extracts from newspaper reports on events in Elsworth & Knapwell 1773-1900           

       Elsworth Chronicle 1900-1943   £4.00

Extracts 1900-1943 transcribed by Dorothy Bienek, published by the Society           

       Church & Village of Elsworth   £2.50

An account of the history of Elsworth Village and Holy Trinity Church by Elizabeth Evans

Over Chronicle     £5.50

Extracts from newspaper reports about Over 1775-1899

Boxworth, Conington & Fendrayton Chronicle £4.00

Newspaper reports 1779-1901

Memory Lane      £4.00

A collection of writings by members and friends of the Society

Fen & Upland      £3.00

2,000 years of history of villages in the Swavesey area

The publications listed above are available at History Society meetings at        the prices quoted.  

They are also available by post with an additional charge for P&P.  

Contact Chris Richardson on 01954 202974.